Breaking Through the Noise

by Alexandre von Hornstein

OCTOBER 28, 2020
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Creativity or in this context “design”, in all its complexity, is intelligence creating knowledge.

Design is vital, powerful and provocative.  It enhances imaginative thinking, fosters empathy, while driving on experimentation and new ways of questioning, collaborating and seeing – all crucial elements for the future of innovation, humankind and the planet.


 “Breaking Through the Noise” explores the work of Bruce Mau, the visionary Canadian designer, creative problem solver and founder of Massive Change Network.  

Bruce Mau views the conflicts and struggles from around the world not as a reflection of our failing, but as the outcome of our “success story” requiring the application of design as a leadership methodology to resolve problems while enhancing life and the human condition. 


Leadership, after all,  is the ability to envision the future and systematically, through design, making that vision a reality.


Breaking through the noise

by Alexandre von Hornstein


To be published

19th of April, 2021

TAKE ACTION – Issue Nr. 4